Monday, September 6, 2010

Corridor of certainty

Hi. Welcome once again. This time I really need your help. I am experiencing a dilemma inside, which requires to be sorted. Eventually, I have some ideas within myself and will be acquiring the rest from your views, in order to give it a shape.

We are different from each other as humans. Our characteristics, thought process, preferences, priorities, inclinations differ to make an individual a specimen of the mammal species. This is something so unique to think about, especially when we imagine the global human population. How can a substantially tiny place called earth, possibly manage to hold on to it’s so called best creation named human, in such innumerable types in this system of sun? Well, the analysis is in process for the last 1500 years and hence we need not sweat and apply deodorant every now and then.

Friends, pick up your respective scalpels and get ready for a post mortem. If I say this world is hanging on to a single word called “Compromise”, how many of you will agree? Wow, I just love this state if indecision. Well, I am sure that majority of you will agree to disagree. Even better, I have a lust for conflicts. I will make sure to establish my views and keep myself flexible and open to your views. I may even start believing in yours, if you succeed to convince me. Let us play.

We are all engaged in a superlative movement called living. Apart from the basic needs of clothes, food and shelter we all require few other facilities to live our daily lives. The necessities which money can’t buy and our eyes can’t see. Here, I refer to happiness and peace which can only be felt and can’t be supplied. Both of them reside within ourselves in a place called “Mind”. They generally emerge and submerge with one another, as and when we place a request call. They are the invisible milestones which we are capable of surpassing whenever we feel like. Often we give up the chase and they are gone in a flash. Let us get into the amusement now. Who the hell is this “We”?

“We” here denotes our “Minds”. Mind has got nothing to do with our structural “We”, since “We” without our “Minds” are not “We” at all. The rest is just a geometrical configuration of bones and bloody flesh. Hence, from today we all should ask “How is your mind?” instead of “How are you?” Practice will make you perfect soon.

We have all grown up with some preset ideas of being happy. The century old strategies of staying and being together in big fat joint families have flown through the Grand Canyon long ago. Those were the days when happiness was a way of life and not an unforeseen guest as it is today. Today we rather need to achieve and earn it and seldom it gets stored for future use. Why is this change of attire, when it’s the same “We” i.e. the mind that we were born with? Is this change a continuous process controlled by time? My answer is NO. This is where “Compromise” evolves. We all tend to forget the simpler ways of being happy and start to put in our efforts to achieve it. By this we actually compromise with our actual requirements.

The solution to this complication is there within each of us. It is indeed a little lengthy process but worth a try if the effect is considered. Let us go for it.

Mind loves to rule. It tells us when to get upset and when to float in sheer joy. It’s darker side makes us not to wake up on time, eat more, work less, booze beyond the limits, criticize others, complacent, super lazy, self-centered and so on. The brighter makes us do/be just the reverse. We obey the orders as slaves do. Wait a minute. Who’s this “We” I mean now? I just said that “We” do not exist without our Mind. If it is so, what’s the harm in letting the Mind master us? Amused? I will challenge myself here. I now believe that “We” exist without our respective minds. I refuse to “Compromise” for some time. Let me try and rule my mind instead.

There are some ancient devices available and vastly used to rule the mind. Yoga is the most successful of all. I do also have my own invented method of ruling my mind. Trust me, my success rate till date is close to a whopping 70%. The mantra which I follow is very simple and straight. It is easy to understand and believe. The reason I fail 3 times out of every ten attempts is not being able to stick to the mantra for long. Want to know it? Just scroll down.

Koi problem nahi hai chachu, sab thikthak hai…..aaaaall is well, aaaaaaaaaall is well.