Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello once again. I hope you all have somehow managed to digest my first post. I would like to thank all of you who read and commented online/offline.

I would like to dedicate this post to all my super greedy friends who "live to eat" and not "eat to live". This is also a tribute to the entire “live to eat” fraternity who are putting their constant effort to eradicate the global food supply. People who are engaged with the noble civil war with their respective digestive systems across several generations and centuries. Guess who gave them the power to combat all obstacles in the path of achieving excellence in invasion. A tiny warrior called Antacid. A light year old phenomena which still holds the victory flag high. Victory against the devils named gas-ombol-gola-buk jaala-pet byatha-bomi-bomi bhaab etc. regionally and indigestion, globally.

The ever-increasing desire to eat takes off from the first taste of tongue. I remember that I read somewhere that the taste buds of greedy people blooms much quicker than others and remains healthier with the increase of greed, in comparison to others. The consequence of over consumption (a basic common complication seen in greedy Indians) generally varies from person to person. The Antacid hence comes in different shapes, sizes and are applied according to the damage creating ability of the devil.

Eating I guess is nothing but a master festival. The festivals which we celebrate throughout the year actually revolves around the master. Imagine how puny will be a Durgapuja without the Khichri and Pulaw bhog, Deepawali without Laddoos & other delicious sweets, Ramzan without Halim, Id without Biryani and Sewai, Christmas without the Cake and cookie and so on. Even the best part of Karwa Chauth starts with it’s end, when a long fast gets broken with sumptuous food. So friends, eat tight and leave the worries to Antacid.

FYI, Durgapujo is just 60 days away from us. Hence, apart from the traditional annual shopping plans, strategize your eating plans as well. You may refer to a brilliantly made sample plan for the days of the festival, provided you are stationed in Kolkata or adjoining areas during the pujas :

Shasthi : Dinner at Azad Hind, Uluberia, NH-6

Saptami : Lunch at Tero Parbon, Goalpark. Dinner at Beijing, China Town.

Astami : Lunch (Khichri bhog) at Pandal. Dinner at home (Veg. Luchi, Cholar Daal, Dum Aloo & Gaajar ka halwaa)

Navami : Lunch at Oh! Calcutta, Forum or Silver Spring. Dinner with Phuchka, Batatapuri & Ice cream. Dig in. Keep your brand of Antacid with you, at all times.

Apart from indigestion, an Antacid may prevent you from loads of other complications and digest the unexpected agonies such as :

a. an obnoxious boss

b. a forthcoming film of Ram Gopal Verma

c. Sunny Deol, again in an Advocate’s role

d. Rendezvous with Rakhi Saawant

e. Usha Utthup etc.

Friends, as a proud member of the “live to eat” fraternity I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a great festive season ahead. “Eat and let eat” should be the oath of a civilized society at all times. Remember to keep your Antacid with you.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello world. I welcome you all to the most unimaginably unorganized, unsettled, unprecedented web page you may have ever clicked. For me, writing is that luxury which I can only think of achieving and consistently fail. It is just like the first class 180 degrees flat bed, for all economy class passengers in one of the swanky airliners. Or may be a Porsche zooming past a bank installed Hyundai Santro owner. Nevertheless, considering the fact that there’s always a first time, please excuse the agony. Take a break!!

When I was in school till the 4th standard, the word break to me used to relate only with Tiffin box and a chance to run, play and have fun for an hour. It was more like a mandate and less of an offering, since then I was not intelligent enough to understand the relevance of it. Hence, it was just like another period when I was allowed to do almost anything without any external interruption. From fifth we had to stay back at school for an additional period. Then we used to have a break of 15 minutes between the 5th and the 6th period, apart from the normal recess. Surprisingly, the meaning of the word break started to change for me ever since I began to enjoy those 15 minutes to the fullest. I am somehow still hanging on to the same mindset of the mid 80’s. Break to me is nothing but a brief escape of you from yourself. The freedom to set yourself free from your identity and shift to a switched off mode. On a broader sense, it is an attempt to erase the bitter patches of yesterday and today and to approach the greener pastures of tomorrow.

The concept though of taking a break has traveled through generations. The days of the long family vacations are long lost and have been replaced by short and slim weekend getaways. The motive of taking a break thankfully is still to have unlimited fun with family, friends and relatives. The concept of traveling alone though is on dire straits. By now, you all must be thinking exactly what I am trying to give emphasis on. That is how pathetic I am who don’t even know where to start and when to take a turn. However, your nightmare is just about to enter the climax. Hang on, take a break!!

Taking a break and traveling to me is more of a need than passion or obsession. The liberty to break the fetters of norms and regulations and surrender to the whims and fancies of the inner self. Often I recall those teenage trips with friends where there used to be only fun and joy of experiencing the new. The first bottle of beer, reminds me of the overwhelming excitement I have been through. I wonder why I couldn’t reach that same level of pure fun ever, after I crossed my teenage. Is age the culprit in disguise? My inner me bets to differ. I strongly believe that the reason is myself. Either I have forgotten to escape or the escape routes are lost.

Somehow, I feel that the reason for taking a break today is just to escape from stress and not to have only fun. Most of us take a break to refuel ourselves but not to reframe anymore. We prefer to choose the comfort of a stylish air conditioned suite over a shabby room in a little remotely located resort with a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges. If I ask you when was the last time you took a long walk in the clouds on a misty cold winter morning in Ooty, Manali or Darjeeling, most of you will fail to recall. If I ask you how many of you have seen Taj Mahal ? I am sure at least 90% of you will raise your hands and say I did. I will change the question a bit now. How many of you have experienced Taj Mahal? 30% of you will scratch your head, 40% will be highly confused and the rest of 20% may still raise their hands without understanding the meaning of the question. Taj Mahal will always stay in Agra and will remain open to the global tourists at all times. We can see it and get mesmerized. How can it be experienced? Well, have you ever thought of watching Taj Mahal for hours on a full moon night, holding the hand of your partner? Sounds different? You may give it a try.

All I want to say is take a break!! as it is supposed to be taken and not just for the sake of taking it. Leave your worries and complications at home and workplace and do not pack them along. Go to new places or revisit the old, doesn’t really make much of a difference. Do not even lose a single moment of pleasure. The pleasure of a new experience at all times. Let your soul rest in peace, even when you are alive…… Take a break!!